Monday, September 27, 2010

Bento # 8 Sandwich Bento

It had been my intention to make a bento today, though when I woke up-after going to bed at four a.m- I really wasn't feeling like it but after my first class I decided I really wanted to do one ^^

So here is my Sandwich Bento!
Tada! I feel this is very colorful -no thanks to my food haha-

Inside the bento: BLT Sandwich featuring spinach rather than lettuce and mozzarella and pesto. Pasta salad, Tamagoyaki, Apple with the containers holding peanut butter and nutella for the apple ^^ and grape tomatoes

I've never tried a BLT with cheese on it, I can't say that the mozzarella added much to it but it was still delicious!

The designs for the apple pieces is actually way easier than it seems, I may do a tutorial for that someday if anyone wants one

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