Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bento # 3

It has been several days since my last post due to a long weekend because of labor day so I didn't actually make any bentos but now schools back so I come bearing a brand new bento ^^.
Today's theme: Fran, our lovely mascot!
Fran seems to agree with me that this bento looks yummy ^^ he's even peaking up to see whats inside.

So lets see what is inside: Rice, Cheese Fran, hard boiled egg with food coloring and strawberry bits. Chicken Tsukune, like little chicken meatballs, Carrot kinpira, Strawberries, Grape tulips (not the greatest photo of them), kiwi, and soy sauce in tomato head.

This was my first attempt at chicken tsukune, you can find recipes for this all over the Internet. They are delicious but at the same time, a little bland, but if you put some soy sauce, or your favorite sauce it gives them a lot of flavor. These little meatballs are actually quite 'meaty' tasting despite their appearance.

Fran was created using provolone cheese and Wilton Food Writer edible color markers. The sub-par quality of the markers is why it didn't turn out has I had planned. This leads me to my very first product review!

Product Review: Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers
The link provided is there so you can see what they look like.

I was very excited when i found these at Wal-mart in the wedding section because I have seen where they can be used to create images on things like cheese and cake fondant and they were only a few dollars (they can be found on the Internet as well). Mine came in a set of 5 Primary colors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black.
When I got them home I tried them immediately on some provolone cheese but I was disappointed because the lines were quite thick, despite the fact that they were labeled "fine tip" and the markers were sort of dry and the lines were very dull.
I put them in the refrigerator because they should be refrigerated after opening in hopes that they would work better the next time. Sadly I was disappointed yet again. The markers just won't work very well on the cheese.
I will continue to try them with other mediums (perhaps provolone is too soft a cheese to work well) but for now I am not very happy with these markers.

Overall: 1.5 Stars

and for some better news, another Product Review

Product Review: My Cutlery

This is my own personal My Cutlery set, I Love the bright Orange color! This cutlery set can be purchased on Bento&Co. website (available in English and French) for around $14. I did not buy my set from Bento&Co. because I happened to find this set on ebay for about the same price. Bento&Co. offers this set in Black, Blue and Pink.
They are wonderful! the orange ends fit into the black pieces to make Chopsticks, a Spoon and a Fork.

The utensils end up being a regular size, unlike some other bento utensil sets that I have seen. Both the size of the utensils and the carrying box it comes in make this item very convenient.
The box is about the same size as my bento box so if your bag can hold your box it can hold your My Cutlery as well!

Overall: 5 Stars
Today I also come bearing a Tip!
Tip: Filling Soy Sauce Containers

Soy sauce containers are very small and since mine did not come with a filler I have often been very frustrated while trying to fill them but I came up with an easy solution and it only requires three items, which if you do not already have they are easily obtainable!
You will need:
A soy sauce container (Mine has a tomato head!)
Soy Sauce
1 Piping head

You can use the piping head as a funnel for your container due to its small size, just be careful when pouring the soy sauce. Soy sauce containers are small so if you pour to quickly it will over flow.
That's it!

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