Monday, September 13, 2010

Bento #6

Wow, at six already? I'm very happy about it! Today's bento theme is: Pandas! Its for my sister who loves pandas ^.^ Also this bento is in Celebration of my new bento box! (and other new bento accessories)
The cloth in the background is a Furoshiki, used to wrap bento boxes.

In the Panda bento: Rice, Cheese Wheel, Grape Tomatoes, Hard boiled Egg, Cornbread muffin with a Nori Panda Face and mini cabbage rolls (delicious!)
Strawberries, Mango, Kiwi, Carrot Kinpira and stir fried Broccoli! (Extra yummy!)

Admittedly there isn't as much of a panda theme as I was hoping for but I was a little tired ^^'
But because my camera has an amazing zoom function I did a little collage of my new panda picks since the above photo does them no justice. ^.^

Also here is a photo of my new box, closed:
The words on the top read: naseba naru, nanigotomo which translates as "All things in life go as they will, so don't worry about them." I bought this box for the reading on the top, I truly believe that this saying is something that we could all think of more, I know I could.

And just for fun here's my box wrapped in the Furoshiki and my cutlery wrapped in a faux furoshiki mini towel featuring Fran!

Kawaii ne?

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