Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bento # 7 Salad Trio

Its been awhile since i've done a bento to be honest I just haven't been feeling well this past week and I didn't feel up to cooking at all. But this week I'm feeling much better and so I made myself a bento today with a Trio of salads!

Inside the box: Chicken Salad with spinach on whole grain bread, Pasta salad, Grape tomatoes. Tamagoyaki, an assortment of frozen Fruit and a chopped Caprese Salad.

This bento is great because its really quite healthy and very tasty and best of all almost all of its ingredients are things I always have on hand, so I would qualify this as a 'Pantry' bento!

I always try to keep an assortment of frozen vegetables and fruits on hand at all times because they really come in handy when I'm cooking, and especially when I'm making bentos.

I used frozen vegetables in the pasta salad and frozen fruits in the bento (and most other bentos I make)

The frozen fruits are especially wonderful because they keep your bento cool and are thawed by lunch time. I do admit that they lose a lot when it comes to their texture but that doesn't bother me personally.

This bento can easily be turned into a vegetarian bento by switching the chicken salad with egg salad which would also be delicous!

This bento was easy to put together though it took a litle bit of time because I had to assemble the caprese salad and make the tamagoyaki-which I admittedly prefer hot and fresh out of the pan to cooled.

When I was eating I ended up putting some of the caprese salad into the pasta salad and it was great! The mozerella really adds a lot of flavor, as does the basil and the tomatoes add a lovely acidity