Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bento # 9- Project Pink Bento

I know its been quite awhile since I've posted anything, and to be honest I just haven't been making bentos lately. My appetites been off and I've been eating at school so there was no need for bentos but today I made one for an excellent cause!

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and so today's bento was created in honor of all those who have battled breast cancer! In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month many bento making friends are making pink themed bentos.
Here is my contribution:

Whats inside: Stir-fry broccoli, roasted beets, frozen mango, grape tomatoes and a red beet egg. Beet pasta with beets and stir-fry cabbage.

I went a little beet crazy but I really like beets and they are in season now!

Raising awareness about cancer is very dear to my heart, though breast cancer has not had a significant role in my life, other forms of cancer have been found in people that I love and hold dear to me. I believe that Susan G. Komen and Relay for Life are doing excellent work in striving to find a cure for this horrendous disease. Don't forget that regular visits to your doctor are very important, it is not something you should skip to save time or money! Early detection can make a huge difference in your life! You only have this one body so please take care of it!

Here are some other Pink Bentos:

If you are on twitter and see hashtags saying #thinkpink and #projectpink you will find more to raise awareness about Breast Cancer


  1. Nothing wrong with going beet-crazy!! Wonderful!

  2. Thank you very much :) I do love beets

  3. Hi there! Nice bento! I just discovered your blog because I also participate to the pink project :)I added your link to my post!

  4. Hello, Thank you so much for everything!

  5. Great, vivid healthy colors bento! I'm a fan of beets as well :)

  6. Thank you :D Beets are delcious aren't they? Thank you for following me!